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Enforcement Actions and Consent Agreements


Enforcement Action and Consent Agreements are available in PDF format, download Adobe Acrobat for free. Any questions regarding the documents may be directed to the Commissioner of Financial Regulation.

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    (Please Note: Not all case names may appear in the Enforcement Actions and Consent Agreements Chart on this page. However, all names are in the PDF document case name.)

Non-Depository Enforcement Actions and Consent Agreements 2016
Date Type of Order Regulated Activity Case Name
1/28/2016 Summary Order to Cease and Desist and Order to Produce Foreclosure Consulting Services/Mortgage Assistance Relief Services In the Matter of Paul Randall a/k/a Paul Lawrence Randall a/k/a Randall Paul; Herbert D. Branscomb a/k/a Herbert Delroy Branscomb; American Financial Relief; and Foreclosure Survival Today (PDF)
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