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Division of Unemployment Insurance

Attention all employers:

We are pleased about recent changes, resources, and services that will impact you, our valued customer, and greatly assist with your business operations. Please review the Unemployment Insurance letter to all employers. All Maryland Employers will also be receiving a hard copy of this letter via US mail.

Unemployment insurance letter to employers

New!Work Search Requirement

Effective Sunday December 3, 2017, to be eligible for benefits, you must make a minimum of three (3) valid job contacts per week unless you are exempt from work search. Applications or resumes must be submitted where accepted. Valid job contacts are as follows: a) in person contact with an individual with knowledge of the job; b) telephone contact with an individual with knowledge of the job; c) electronic transmission (e.g. internet, email, fax); or d) other methods appropriate to the occupational classification or as specified by the employer.

You must record your job contacts at the Maryland Workforce Exchange, the Reemployment Exchange (REX). Information submitted into REX will be retained as your permanent record of your job contacts. Your job contacts are subject to verification by the Division of Unemployment Insurance. Failure to perform and record at least three (3) job contacts per week will result in a denial of benefit payments.

If you need further assistance registering with the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE) or entering your job contacts in the Reemployment Exchange (REX) Module, please contact a claim center by telephone Monday - Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Phone numbers can be found on the Claim Center Telephone Numbers page.

ALERT! Online Maryland Unemployment Insurance claims may only be filed on

Claimant Information:
Baltimore area & out of state - 410-949-0022
Toll free inside MD - 1-800-827-4839
For Hearing Impaired Only:
Maryland Relay dial 711

Employer Information:
Baltimore area - 410-949-0033
Toll free within the US - 1-800-492-5524
MD Unemployment Insurance Tax MVA License Renewal - 410-368-5450
Toll free - 1-800-492-5524

Job Fairs

Register with the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning

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Dayne Freeman, Assistant Secretary
Dayne Freeman,
Assistant Secretary