Division of Unemployment Insurance


Stop Unemployment Insurance Fraud

You can help stop Unemployment Insurance fraud!

We welcome information from concerned citizens who know of workers who continue to collect UI benefits while they are employed.

You can report individuals who are collecting benefits while working full-time and employers who are paying workers and not reporting wages via any one of these methods:

  1. Call the Fraud Hotline - 1-800-492-6804;
  2. Send an e-mail message to the UI Fraud mailbox at uifraud@dllr.state.md.us; or
  3. Download the UI Fraud Tip Form and return it to:
    Mail to Benefit Payment Control
    Room 206, 1100 North Eutaw Street
    Baltimore, MD 21201
    Fax to 410-767-2610.
  4. Control Your Unemployment Insurance Costs