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Since POAC's inception the JumpStart program has become the basic starting point for well over 35,000 professional, technical and managerial people who have turned to POAC for career management assistance.

POAC recently introduced a totally new JumpStart program titled Re-Engineering Success, in response to the demands of the changing labor market. In 1993 when POAC opened its doors near the Baltimore Washington Airport, the region's labor market was reeling from large corporate downsizings and massive restructuring. Although layoffs and restructuring continues, the labor market has become more sophisticated and competitive. Job seekers in today's labor market are not merely searching for jobs, but they must compete for those jobs using the traditional methods and the numerous and sundry Internet based application systems.

Today's successful worker must stay ahead of their occupation's power curve, while earning a livable income. Job search today requires new skills, new strategies and an entrepreneurial approach to career management. The job market today is radically different from past years, with a burgeoning number of employers using a contingency (temporary) workforce, augmented by contractual and part-time workers.

All indicators point to these trends continuing to shape the labor force. At the POAC we want our services to reflect where the marketplace is going; not where it has been.

POAC staff has made a significant effort to help its customers gain a major advantage in this extremely competitive environment. The JumpStart Re-Engineering Success program is a three-day state-of-the-art-training program for the job seeker designed for the job acquisition in the new millennium. The methodology used in the delivery of this program has a research base of more than 10 years and has been updated with the knowledge and experiences gained in the more than eight years of collaborative employment programs. It encompasses the collective knowledge of several of the most well respected career coaches in the region, who during their careers have provided career guidance and training to well over 150,000 workers. The programs are under the supervision of a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Interviewing and Interrogation Specialist.

JumpStart draws from the pioneering research work and field experiments conducted by Robert D. Caplan Ph.D, Amiram D. Vinokur Ph.D and Richard H. Price Ph.D under grants from the National Institute of Mental Health to the George Washington University Center for Family Research and Department of Psychology, and the University of Michigan Prevention Research Center. The staff of the POAC stays in regular communication with these university research programs.

POAC's program also embraces a variety of techniques and principles drawn from group and individual counseling, as well as, the career management field. The program uses current ideas and trends in the fields of management research, organizational development and economic ideas developed by people such as Warren Bennis, Patricia Ward Biederman, Tom Peters, Faith Popcorn, William Davidow, Michael Malone, Charles Handy and Jeremy Rifikin, to name but a few.

The JumpStart program is delivered in a participatory style that is designed to provide the customer with an experiential "hands-on" understanding of the ideas and techniques embraced by POAC. Subsequent skill building workshops and seminars are also presented each month.

Employment Reference Resource Library

This area contains a focused collection of audio tapes, videos, books, periodicals and newspapers specifically selected to support the job seeker. The materials selected for the reference resource library cover a wide range of topics.

Job Search Communication Skills Internet Access
Job Retention Resumes Professional Trade Publications
Entrepreneurship Motivation Negotiation
Goal Setting Self-Esteem Cover Letters

In addition the library contains a variety of local, state and regional employer directories and other periodicals.

Computer Resource Lab

Computers are available to registered POAC customers where they can work on their resumes, cover letters, maintain their proficiency in basic computer software skills, enhance their proficiency in the various software packages or through software specific training, add new skills to their employment related repertoire. Internet access is available free of charge. POAC also offers a complete MS Office and Corel Office in self-paced CD-ROM tutorial library for the acquisition of new skills.

Telephone Work Stations (local/toll free)

The job seeker is provided with a semi-private space to draft resumes, cover letters, conduct their networking, employer research and telemarket to potential employers.


Seminars, workshops and simulations are regularly conducted covering a wide variety of topics focused on job search, employer research, resumes and cover letters, communication skills, interviewing, compensation negotiation and Internet training. These seminars, workshops and simulations are only available to registered POAC customers. The seminars are led by the Center's staff and visiting professionals.

Peer Training and Counseling

Within the ranks of POAC's unemployed professionals is a wealth of talent which, in many cases, can be tapped to provide other unemployed professionals with skills and knowledge that would enhance their marketability. The Center's staff identifies those individuals with the potential to provide training or peer counseling and begin to work with them to develop the seminar framework and related training materials. Many useful training seminars have been conducted covering a variety of topics including: TQM, ISO-9000, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, Stress Management Workshops, C++ basics, patent and copyright processes, desk top publishing and LAN and WAN administration, to name a few.

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