Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing


Apply for License - Maryland Board of Barbers


License Categories and Qualifications

  • Barber:  Must submit proof of completion of 1200 hours of barber student training in a barber school or 2250 hours as a registered apprentice in a licensed barber shop, and qualify by examination given by the Board.
  • Master Barber:  Fifteen (15) months of experience as a licensed barber and a passing grade on the Master Barber Exam and the Barber Exam.
  • Shop Owner:  Must provide approved use and occupancy permit from the local zoning board with the shop permit application.
  • Apprentice:  Must complete an application and sponsorship form which must be signed by a master barber and shop owner.

Original License
After successfully completing the examination, you will receive instructions in the mail on how to obtain your license. It will take approximately 10 working days, after you complete the examination, to receive your instructions.

Current License Period
Two year - staggered expiration dates

Licensure by Endorsement
An individual,  who possesses a current license in another state and can provide certification that their license was obtained under the same standards as required in Maryland and that their license is in good standing and current,  is eligible for licensure by endorsement (reciprocity) with two years notarized work experience.

State Board of Barbers
500 N. Calvert Street
Room 201
Baltimore, Maryland 21202