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Voluntary Protection Program - What is the Maryland VPP?

The Maryland Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) is a cooperative effort by the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) and participating employers to extend worker protection beyond the minimum required by MOSH standards. VPP is designed to:

  • Recognize the outstanding achievements of participating employers who have successfully incorporated comprehensive safety and health management programs into their total management system.
  • Motivate other employers to achieve excellent safety and health performance in the same manner.
  • Enable employers to establish a cooperative relationship with MOSH.

What is expected in this cooperative relationship?

  • Management commits to operate an effective program that meets an established set of criteria.
  • Employees commit to participate in the program and work with management to ensure a safe and healthful workplace.
  • MOSH initially verifies that the program meets VPP requirements through both application and onsite review. MOSH then publicly recognizes the site's exemplary program.
  • MOSH also evaluates the site to confirm it is continuing to meet VPP requirements every three to five years.
  • MOSH will continue to investigate accidents involving death or serious physical harm.

The VPP concept recognizes that the objectives of the Occupational Safety and Health Act can never be fully achieved by enforcement alone. Safety and health management programs that go beyond OSHA standards can protect workers more effectively.

VPP participants are a select group of employers or facilities that have designed and implemented outstanding safety and health management systems.

What are the benefits of VPP participation?

  • Improved employer safety performance.
  • Improved employee motivation to work safely and productively.
  • Reduced workers' compensation and other injury and illness-related costs.
  • Further improvement of already good programs through the internal and external review that is part of the application process and through annual evaluation of employer programs.
  • Community and industry recognition.
  • Partnership with MOSH.

Active VPP Sites
includes Approval Date - Designated Site, Location

  • 3/7/2003 - Frito-Lay, Aberdeen
  • 11/5/2005 - Performance Pipe, Hagerstown
  • 3/3/2006 - Covanta Energy, Dickerson
  • 11/27/2006 - Monsanto Galena Research Station, Galena
  • 3/12/2007 - Wheelabrator, Baltimore
  • 6/17/2008 - Sherwin Williams, Crisfield
  • 5/25/2009 - Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Baltimore
  • 6/18/2009 - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Frederick
  • 8/15/2011 - Covanta Montgomery Transfer Station, Derwood
  • 3/7/2012 - Sherwin Williams, Beltsville
  • 3/13/2012 - (Raytheon) Solipsys Corp., Fulton
  • 6/6/2012 - GE Healthcare, Laurel
  • 10/31/2015 - Cintas Corporation 42, Baltimore
  • 12/29/2015 - Sherwin Williams, Baltimore
  • 3/4/2016 - Cintas Corporation 387, Frederick
  • 3/4/2016 - Cintas Corporation 41, Landover
  • 5/5/2016 - Cintas Corporation 393, Hughesville
  • 5/9/2016 - Raytheon IIS Riverdale, Riverdale
  • 2/2/2018 - Cintas Corporation D52 Fire Protection Division, Jessup
  • 4/2/2018 - Cintas Corporation 386, Cumberland
  • 4/2/2018 - Cintas Corporation B22 (CRT), Cumberland

Recognizing Maryland employers with exemplary safety and health performance.

For further information, contact:
Allen Stump
MOSH - VPP Coordinator
Maryland Occupational Safety and Health
10946 Golden West Drive
Suite 160
Hunt Valley, MD 21031
Phone: 410-527-4469