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MOSH Instruction 14-4 - Local Emphasis Program (LEP) - Public Sector

Subject: MOSH Instruction 14-4 - Local Emphasis Program (LEP) - Public Sector
Effective Date: October 1, 2013
Issuance Date: October 1, 2013
Cancellation: MOSH Instruction 12-4
Expiration Date: One year from the effective date, unless replaced earlier by a new Instruction.
Purpose: This Instruction establishes a Local Emphasis program for Public Sector employers in the State of Maryland.
Scope: MOSH-wide.
Reference: None
Contact: Chief of MOSH Compliance Services
See MOSH Website for Current Information
By and Under the Authority of: Eric M. Uttenreither, Assistant Commissioner


Employees in the public sector work in some of the most dangerous jobs in Maryland. MOSH focuses programmed inspections on public sector employers each year. Historically in Maryland public sector occupations hold one of the highest total recordable case (TRC) rates. The TRC rate is based on recordable nonfatal injuries or illnesses per 100 full time workers. In 2011 Maryland had over 2400 establishments within the public sector, these establishments' employed nearly 349,000 people. For 2011, the total recordable case incidence rate for Maryland's public sector was 5.8. This was almost twice Maryland's private sector rate of 3.0. It is believed through a local emphasis program that increases awareness and accelerates enforcement and outreach activities, injuries and illnesses can be reduced.


MOSH compliance personnel shall ensure that the procedures contained in this Instruction are followed when conducting this LEP. MOSH Outreach will continue to encourage public sector participation in training, education, consultation, and alliance activities.


  1. The Chief of Compliance, or designee, will utilize available resources in conjunction with state maintained data to determine potential inspection sites.
  2. Consultation shall consider public sector visits under this LEP as high hazard establishments for coding and scheduling purposes.

Recording in IMIS:
The IMIS identifier code to be used in item 25c and 25f on the OSHA-1 or on the OIS equivalent form will be "PUBLIC SECTOR".

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