Warning - Division of Unemployment Insurance is Not Affiliated with Unemployment Benefits, LLC


The Division of Unemployment Insurance is not affiliated in any way with Unemployment Benefits, LLC. Any e-mail contact received by a claimant or employer from Unemployment Benefits, LLC should be ignored and deleted. The Division of Unemployment Insurance will not contact any Unemployment Insurance claimant or employer in this manner.

The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation/Division of Unemployment Insurance received information from an Unemployment Insurance claimant who received the following e-mail message:


---- Original Message ----- From: "Unemployment Information" <staff@benefitsfiling.com>
To: "Friend" <claimantname@emaildomain.com>
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2011 16:00
Subject: RESPONSE REQUIRED: Confirm your subscription.

In order for you to receive your latest unemployment updates, you must verify your current email address on file.

Once verified, you will immediately be able to request free information on returning to school. Earn more money and explore funding options.

Click the link below for verification now.

Your request for additional information has been received. Please confirm it by clicking the following link:

[Link disabled, errors have been added to the link to ensure that the link will not connect but some information has been retained to ensure that the link is recognizable should you receive an e-mail message similar to this one] http;:///www.getresponse.com/confirm.html?x=a62b&sq?????


The Division of Unemployment Insurance does not contact claimants by e-mail in the ordinary course of business unless requested by the claimant to do so.

Please contact the Division of Unemployment Insurance by phone or by e-mail should you receive any correspondence related to Unemployment Insurance that you find questionable in nature.