Tips for a Memorable, Injury-Free Summer at Maryland's Fairs, Boardwalks and Amusement Parks


Amusement Ride Safety Unit ensures safety of summer amusement rides across Maryland

BALTIMORE, MD (June 10, 2011) — Across the state, students, teachers and parents are celebrating the final days of the school year and looking ahead to summer recreation. To ensure that all Marylanders - and all Maryland visitors - can enjoy summer rides safely, the Maryland Department of Labor Amusement Ride Safety Unit has deployed inspectors to amusement parks, fairs, festivals and other popular destinations.

“Summertime is the time to build memories with friends and family. DLLR's inspectors are working tirelessly to protect those memories from injury. We are committed to making 2011 the safest summer on record," said Maryland Labor Secretary Alexander M. Sanchez. "While we have inspected rides across the state, safety involves everyone. If you're going to an amusement park or a county fair this summer, remember to follow the instructions of the ride operators and watch your children while a ride is in progress.”

To date, during FY11, the Amusement Ride Safety Unit has inspected nearly 4,400 rides and identified just over 2,000 violations - more than 1,900 of which were corrected on-site. During the fiscal year, which ends at the end of the month, one accident and four incidents were reported to the Unit.

The Department of Labor has released important safety tips to make the summer of 2011 fun, memorable and safe for everyone.

Tips for amusement park riders:

  • Look for posted safety instructions, read and follow the rules.
  • Observe height and weight restrictions.
  • Follow instructions of the ride operator.
  • Check to see if the ride operator is properly identified (wearing a uniform or an identification badge).
  • Keep hands, arms and legs inside at all times.
  • Use safety equipment, including seat belts and shoulder harnesses.
  • Stay in the ride until it comes to a complete stop.

Tips for parents with children:

  • Watch while the ride is in progress to monitor your child's safety.
  • Follow the instructions of the operator before, during and after the ride.
  • Explain appropriate and safe behavior to your child. Advise them to remain seated, keep hands and feet inside and follow the operator's instructions.
  • Ask the operator to stop the ride if the child cries or is in distress.

If an amusement ride appears unsafe, or if the operator does not follow safety guidelines, notify an official at the park, carnival or fair immediately. If an unsafe or dangerous condition exists, you can also call, email or fax the Amusement Ride Safety Inspection Unit at (410) 767-2990, safe4u@dllr.state.md.us or fax (410) 333-7721.

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