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Stanley J. Botts, Commissioner

Harry Loleas, Deputy Commissioner

Jay Hutchins, Executive Director

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Shannon Davis, Outreach Coordinator & By Design Editor


State Board of Architects

Diane Cho, Chair, Architect, Baltimore County

Stephen L. Parker, Architect, Montgomery County

Gary A. Bowden, Architect, Baltimore City

R. Glen Stephens, Architect, Howard County

Paul R. Edmeades, Architect, Harford County

Gary Ey, Consumer Member, Harford County

Vacant, Consumer Member

Terry White, Executive Secretary

State Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects

Christopher Schein, Chair, Landscape Architect, Anne Arundel County

Ralph E. Reisler, Consumer Member, Cecil County

Lisa Keir, Consumer Member, Baltimore County

Jeanette Stern-Tansey, Landscape Architect, Baltimore

Charlie Adams, Landscape Architect, Baltimore County

Deborah Evans, Executive Secretary

State Board for Professional Land Surveyors

John V. Metee, III, Chair, Land Surveyor, Harford County

Daniel P. Lavelle, Land Surveyor, Frederick County

Joan G. Dunne, Consumer Member, Baltimore County

Thomas M. Orisich, Land Surveyor, Baltimore County

Donald J. Ocker, Property Line Surveyor, St. Mary's County

Deborah Evans, Executive Secretary

State Board for Professional Engineers

Howard (Skip) Harclerode, P.E., Chair, Chemical Engineer Member, Baltimore County

Steven A. Arndt, P.E., Vice Chair, Mechanical Engineer Member, Montgomery County

Pastor Farinas, P.E., Electrical Engineer Member, Montgomery County

Sandra J. Murphy, Consumer Member, Prince George's County

Sallye E. Perrin, P.E., Civil Engineer Member, Baltimore City

Rosalind L. Yee, Consumer Member, Anne Arundel County

David G. Mongan, P.E., Civil Engineer Member, Baltimore County

Dorothy Matricciani, Executive Secretary

State Board for Certified Interior Designers

Diane Gordy, Chair, Certified Interior Designer, Montgomery County

Teri Bennett, Certified Interior Designer, Baltimore

H. Christine Pirrung, Consumer Member, Anne Arundel County

Barbara Portnoy, Certified Interior Designer, Baltimore County

Carla K. Viar, Certified Interior Designer, Washington County

David Watts, Architect, Baltimore County

Karen Zopf, Certified Interior Designer, Baltimore County

Janis Daniels, Executive Secretary

Jay Hutchins, Executive DirectorWelcome
Jay Hutchins, Executive Director

Greetings! We’ve been busy here at the Professional Design Boards, and we have lots of news to share with you. February’s blizzards didn’t slow us down too much, and many licensees were able to take care of business via our website and e-licensing capabilities. Changes are underway for the Engineering, Land Surveying, and Landscape Architecture exams, so candidates will want to familiarize themselves with those. We welcome new licensees and certificate-holders and provide a look at some emerging trends—some good, some not so good, as a recent criminal investigation revealed. As always, thanks for reading, and let us know what you’d like to see in the next issue of By Design.

Board Updates

Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects

Report from CLARB’s Spring Meeting
Board Chairman Chris Schein attended the Council of Landscape Architecture Registration Boards (CLARB) Spring Meeting, held February 26-27 in Dallas, Texas. The meeting was kicked off with the highest-ever attendance at the Member Board Executives Exchange, during which MBEs discussed important issues that affect the day-to-day regulation of the profession.

MBE Exchange: Participants provided insight and guidance into the further development of the guidelines for use of the CLARB disciplinary action database and the online community forum. The MBE community also validated a change in the graphic exam administration time, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., which will take place for the December 2010 administration. MBEs also reported issues related to practice overlap by engineers, landscape contractors and landscape designers.

How Member Boards Handle Common Violations: This interactive case study-style session featured three cases of common violations faced by many Boards: plan stamping, unlicensed practice and kick-backs.

Evaluating a CLARB Council Record for Certification: This session described the purpose of the Council Record program and the difference between a Council Record and one that is CLARB Certified. Attendees also participated in a live evaluation of a Council Record for Certification and provided insight into the identification of the differences between Board licensure standards and those used for CLARB Certification.

Doing More with Less: This interactive (and well attended!) session focused on sharing practical, proven ideas to help Boards effectively regulate the profession in a tight economy. Topics included streamlining business practices through the use of technology, automation of manual processes, resource sharing, cost reductions and cost-effective ways to enhance Board meetings.

General Session: Updates were provided on CLARB’s strategic thinking process, finances and nominations. Operational updates included the new online score reporting functionality for Member Boards and the enhanced redline review process. The highlight of the session was a presentation by a representative from CLARB’s psychometric consultant, Professional Testing, on the results of the first phase of the Task Analysis.

Regional Meetings: Representative from Member Boards provided input to the leadership and staff on key strategic issues:

1. How Boards define/recognize “welfare” as it relates to the practice of landscape architecture; and

2. What is the appropriate role for CLARB in the promotion of the profession?

Input received informed the discussions that took place during the Board of Directors meeting that immediately followed the Spring Meeting.

The Board is pleased to announce that CLARB’s annual meeting and 40th anniversary celebration will be held this summer at Baltimore’s Hyatt Regency, in the heart of the Inner Harbor. Mark your calendars now for August 26-28, 2010! Look for more details in the next issue of By Design.

Board Seeks Consumer Member

Do you know someone who might be a good candidate for a Consumer member of the Board? He or she must not have any financial interest in the practice of landscape architecture and must be committed to attending quarterly Board meetings. If you’d like to suggest a candidate, email

Board of Certified Interior Designers

Congratulations, New Interior Designers!
The Board extends its congratulations to the recently successful NCIDQ exam candidates. This is a great achievement and deserves to be celebrated. The Board encourages you to seek certification. Well done!

Phillip Adams Alison Graham
Kristie Annen-Kirby Megan Koets
Kathryn Corbin Rebecca Letwin
Joyce Dyer Katherine Petty
Jillian Friend  

Board for Architects

Continuing Education Audits
It’s that time again! The Board mailed out CE audit notices in early February. If you were lucky enough to be selected for an audit, please submit your paperwork as soon as possible. Remember, failure to respond to your audit notice could result in the Board registering a formal complaint against you. Get your CE questions answered.

Consumer Member Needed
Do you know someone who might be a good candidate for a Consumer member of the Board? He or she must not have any financial interest in the practice of architecture and must be committed to attending monthly Board meetings. If you’d like to suggest a candidate, email

Board for Professional Land Surveyors

The Mentoring and Portfolio Building Programs have been under way for about a year now, and we’re pleased to report that interest in them has been steadily increasing. For those who don’t know, the Board and the Maryland Society of Surveyors have developed two programs designed to assist applicants in documenting the education and experience required to sit for the Professional Land Surveyor licensing exam. The Mentoring Program pairs applicants with licensed surveyors who have been trained as mentors; mentors assist applicants by helping them understand and fulfill their exam requirements and making sure all documentation is complete. The Portfolio Building Program allows an applicant to establish a file with the Board for the purpose of compiling credentials as they are acquired. This way, an applicant does not have to wait until formally applying for the exam to try and accumulate Reports of Professional Experience (RPEs) from each past employer.

Vince Burke and Bob Banzhoff of MSS have thus far presented the seminar required for potential mentors at six MSS chapter meetings. Geographically, they have covered 12 of the 23 counties in Maryland, and are working with chapter chairs and area directors to schedule the rest. Attendance for these presentations has typically been high, from 15 to 23 licensees. They also offer a similar presentation to applicants. These meetings are excellent opportunities for candidates to meet with potential mentors and to learn what to expect from the programs. Although the Board does not yet have a firm total of how many candidates have found mentors and begun the process, interest is high and many mentors are ready to begin working with mentees. At least four candidates have established their credential portfolios with the Board as they work towards their exam goals. The Board is proud of this collaboration with MSS and is committed to the success of potential land surveyors. For more information on the Mentoring and Portfolio Building Programs, email or contact the Maryland Society of Surveyors.

Board for Professional Engineers

Welcome, New LicenseesNew Licensees Ceremony
The Maryland Society of Professional Engineers welcomed 36 new P.E.s at a recognition event held at The Engineer’s Club in Baltimore on February 19, 2010. The ceremony was part of National Engineers Week, an annual celebration which also features educational enrichment programs and professional awards. Maryland Secretary of Transportation Beverley Swaim-Staley delivered opening remarks, and Board members Skip Harclerode (Chair) and Steven Arndt presented the new engineers with their licenses. Attendance was at a record high. Congratulations! (Photo courtesy of the Maryland Society for Professional Engineers.)

From the Joint Chairs' Corner

At its most recent meeting on February 24, 2010, the Joint Chairs unanimously voted to elect Skip Harclerode as its Chair. Skip also serves as Chair of the Board for Professional Engineers. He continues the legacy of Dr. Charles Maloy, who passed in December.

Faking It No More
Recently, a Sun article entitled “Faking It” highlighted DLLR’s investigations of purported engineers and architects who were, in fact, falsely representing themselves. As you know, practicing without credentials is dangerous; in addition to putting the public at risk, it undermines confidence in the design professions. No profession is immune to unscrupulous practitioners, but DLLR is cracking down on such abuses of public trust. In less than six months, DLLR investigations have led to criminal charges in three separate cases. The Professional Design Boards would like to thank our investigator, Jeff Tuer, who has tirelessly worked on these cases. Please read and share!

Need to change your address, phone number, or other contact information? Do it online with Interim Changes. Simply look under your Board’s “Licensing” or “Certification” tab, then click on Name/Address Change. You’ll be directed to our secure e-licensing system, where you can log in and update your information.

Exam candidates: Please remember that when you submit your application, all your transcripts must be sent directly from each college or university. Transcripts sent from students are unacceptable. International candidates, you must use a transcript evaluation service that deals directly with your college or university. Evaluation services that accept transcripts from students do not meet the Board’s standards. Thank you for your cooperation.

Special Exam Updates

The Professional Design Boards welcome PE, FE, PS, FS and LARE exam candidates to our readership. We are pleased to be able to use this avenue to reach you. We hope you enjoy By Design.

There are exciting changes to report for upcoming exam administrations for engineers and land surveyors.

Professional Engineers

Changes for April 2010

Fundamentals of Engineering: The Other/General PM module has been renamed “Other Discipline.” The module has been renamed to more accurately describe the examinees the module is intended for, but the specification has not changed. 

Principles and Practice of Engineering: The Architectural PE exam specification has been revised. The Civil Transportation PM module has also been revised. More information is available at NCEES.

Changes for October 2010

Structural I and II Exams: The Structural I and Structural II exams will be administered for the last time in October 2010. The new 16-hour exam will be available for the April 2011 administration. Presently, the Maryland Board ONLY offers the Structural I exam.  The Board is discussing this issue and how it will affect Maryland candidates. We want your input! Send your comments to or to 500 N. Calvert Street, Room 308, Baltimore, MD 21202.

Out-of-State Proctoring: NCEES will no longer allow exam candidates to test in other jurisdictions. This practice apparently started as an accommodation to members of the U.S. military and was gradually extended to other examinees. While Maryland never allowed candidates of other states to sit in Maryland, we did allow our candidates to sit in other states. Please take note that this practice will cease effective with the October 2010 exam, EXCEPT for members of the U.S. military.

Examinee Management System: Examinees for the October 2010 administration must register with NCEES using the new NCEES Examinee Management System.  Once you are approved by the Maryland Board for the exam, you will be required to log into NCEES, obtain a unique ID number, and register for the exam. You will register each time you sit for the exam. There is no fee involved for registering with NCEES. 

Maryland candidates will continue to register with the Maryland Board and pay the exam fee to the Maryland Board. Maryland re-examination candidates who wish to take the October 2010 exam may register with NCEES after the implementation date in July 2010 and before the cut-off date September 12, 2010. No one may register for the October 2010 exam after that date.

The initiation of this system requires that the Board must be firm as to exam deadlines. First-time candidates for the exam must submit all supporting documents and supplemental materials, such as evidence, RPEs, transcripts, evaluations, and Curriculum Checklists, by the deadline established by the Board.

Please understand that all the details of these changes have not been finalized. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available and processes are implemented.

Civil PE, Mechanical PE, and FE Exams: Examinees will have to choose their PM module when registering with NCEES and the Maryland Board. On exam day, you will receive only the PM module for which you registered.

The PM exam book for the Civil PE exam will be split into five individual books: Construction, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, and Water Resources and Environmental.

The PM exam book for the Mechanical PE exam will be split into three individual books: Thermal and Fluids Systems, HVAC and Refrigeration, and Mechanical Systems and Materials.

The PM exam book for the FE exam will be split into seven individual books: Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines.

Land Surveyors

PS and FS Candidates: The NCEES Examinee Management System described above also applies to the surveying exams. Please familiarize yourself with it so you will not encounter any registration difficulties.  

Landscape Architects

LARE Candidates: The dates and start times for the December 2010 Graphic Administration have been changed. The exam will be administered on December 13-14, not December 6-7 as previously scheduled. It will begin at 9 a.m., not 8 a.m. Please make a note of these scheduling adjustments.

CLARB has changed the process for applying for a redline review of Section C and Section E. In the past, candidates who wanted a redline review submitted their request and fee to the Maryland Board. Those requests and payments now must be sent directly to CLARB, which will in turn send the review materials to the Maryland Board. When we receive the review materials, you will be contacted by the Board secretary to schedule a convenient time to come to the Board office to review your exam section. The cost of the redline review is increasing to $160 effective for the December 2009 exam.

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