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Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
500 North Calvert Street,
3rd Floor
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202

Stanley J. Botts, Commissioner

Harry Loleas, Deputy Commissioner

Pamela Edwards, Acting Executive Director
Fax 410-333-0021

Shannon Davis, Outreach Coordinator & By Design Editor


State Board of Architects
Diane Cho, Chair, Architect, Baltimore County
Stephen L. Parker, Architect, Montgomery County
Gary A. Bowden, Architect, Baltimore City
R. Glen Stephens, Architect, Howard County
Paul R. Edmeades, Architect, Harford County
Gary Ey, Consumer Member, Harford County
Vacant, Consumer Member

Terry White, Executive Secretary

State Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects

Christopher Schein, Chair, Landscape Architect, Anne Arundel County

Ralph E. Reisler, Consumer Member, Cecil County

Lisa Keir, Consumer Member, Baltimore County

Jeanette Stern-Tansey, Landscape Architect, Baltimore

Charlie Adams, Landscape Architect, Baltimore County

Deborah Evans, Executive Secretary

State Board for Professional Land Surveyors

Charles Maloy Ed.D, Chair, Consumer Member, Baltimore County

Daniel P. Lavelle, Land Surveyor, Frederick County

Joan G. Dunne, Consumer Member, Baltimore County

John V. Mettee, III, Land Surveyor, Harford County

Thomas M. Orisich, Land Surveyor, Baltimore County

Donald J. Ocker, Property Line Surveyor, St. Mary's County

Deborah Evans, Executive Secretary

State Board for Professional Engineers

Howard (Skip) Harclerode, P.E., Chair, Chemical Engineer Member, Baltimore County

Steven A. Arndt, P.E., Vice Chair, Mechanical Engineer Member, Montgomery County

Eugene C. Harvey, P.E., Civil Engineer Member, Anne Arundel County

Pastor Farinas, P.E., Electrical Engineer Member, Montgomery County

Sandra J. Murphy, Consumer Member, Prince George's County

Sallye E. Perrin, P.E., Civil Engineer Member, Baltimore City

Rosalind L. Yee, Consumer Member, Anne Arundel County

Dorothy Matricciani, Executive Secretary

State Board for Certified Interior Designers

Diane Gordy, Chair, Certified Interior Designer, Montgomery County

Teri Bennett, Certified Interior Designer, Baltimore

H. Christine Pirrung, Consumer Member, Anne Arundel County

Barbara Portnoy, Certified Interior Designer, Baltimore County

Carla K. Viar, Certified Interior Designer, Washington County

David Watts, Architect, Baltimore County

Karen Zopf, Certified Interior Designer, Baltimore County

Janis Daniels, Executive Secretary



Pamela J. Edwards, Acting Executive Director

We hope you enjoyed the previous issue of By Design and had a wonderful summer. A lot has happened since we began moving into Fall. Two new staff members have joined our team, and I hope you’ll give them a warm welcome. New regulations, green design innovations, and an industry tradeshow are just a few of the topics covered here. We also honor our Executive Director, Daniel Parr, who recently passed after a long fight with cancer. Dan was a true leader whose dedication to the Design Boards was clear to everyone who worked with him. Feel free to email us with your memories of Dan, and as always, let us know what you’d like to see in By Design.

Board Updates

Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects

Christopher ScheinIn our last issue, we introduced you to new Board member Christopher Schein. Now, we’re pleased to announce that he will be taking over as Chairman of the Landscape Architects Board. Mr. Schein is a principal and partner of Hord Coplan Macht and brings over 25 years of landscape architecture and land planning experience to his new leadership role. A former president of the Maryland chapter of ASLA, Mr. Schein has been honored by two ASLA Honor Awards and several Merit Awards from the ASLA’s Maryland and Potomac chapters.


Board of Certified Interior Designers

NeoCon East, one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest design expositions, took place on OctoberNeoCon East 28-29, 2009 at the Baltimore Convention Center. More than 250 exhibitors and 8,000 professionals were expected to attend NeoCon East’s seventh annual Baltimore trade show. It was a great opportunity to learn about emerging trends, cultivate professional contacts, and maybe pick up a few CEUs. Members of the Board were there—did you see them? Tell us about your NeoCon experience!

Board of Architects

NCARB Annual Meeting Goes Green
Eco-friendly design practices are blooming everywhere you look, so it’s no surprise that NCARB’s Annual Meeting and Conference in June went green as well. NCARB worked with to calculate the conference’s carbon footprint, then purchased carbon offsets to neutralize the impact and support renewable energy developments. Attendees received fewer printed publications, and critical documents were printed with soy ink on recycled paper. Locally grown food was served as much as possible, and BPA-free water bottles were given to all attendees. Congratulations to NCARB for implementing these green practices!

Did you attend? We’d love to know what you thought! If your firm is exploring eco-friendly design modifications, tell us about them.

Andrew Prescott, NCARB PresidentAndrew Prescott Elected NCARB President
Congratulations to former Board member Andrew W. Prescott! Mr. Prescott, who served on the Board from 2000 to 2005, was recently installed as NCARB president at its 90th Annual Meeting and Conference in Chicago. He has been involved with NCARB since 1988, and previously served as its first treasurer (2007–08) and vice president (2009). His many accolades include NCARB’s President’s Medal for Distinguished Service. Congratulations, Andy!

Equivalency Chart Changes
The Board of Architects held a public hearing at 10:00am on Wednesday, 9/23/09 to discuss proposed changes to the continuing educational equivalency chart. Proposed amendments to the regulations were published in the 8/28/09 issue of the Maryland Register. No comments from the public were registered. The full text of the regulation is available here. Final action was taken on Wednesday, 10/28/09.

ARE Fees Increasing
Unfortunately, portions of the ARE have been compromised by unscrupulous test-takers. Leaked exam content, largely disseminated via the Internet, renders it impossible for candidates’ qualifications to be accurately evaluated. The damage to the integrity of the exam is estimated at about $1.1 million; therefore, in response to NCARB’s decision to assess an additional $40 fee per section, the Board has proposed a regulation fee change. The Board apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause exam candidates. NCARB’s exam security policies are available on their website.

Consumer Member Needed
Do you know someone who might be a good candidate for a Consumer member of the Board? He or she must not have any financial interest in the practice of architecture and must be committed to attending monthly Board meetings. If you’d like to suggest a candidate, email

Emeritus Status Discussed
The Board held a public hearing on 10/28/09 to discuss possible future legislation to add an emeritus status license category to the law. The public is encouraged to submit comments to T. White at Comments will be accepted through December 31, 2009.

Board for Professional Land Surveyors

Laser Scanning: Land Surveying or Not?
Recently, the Board addressed the question of whether the use of 3D laser scanning technology is subject to regulations governing land surveying.

The practice of land surveying is governed by Title 15, Business Occupations and Professions Article, Annotated Code of Maryland. That statute states in part in Section 15-101(j) (1) (v):

(j)    (1)   “Practice land surveying” means any service, work, documentation, or practice, the performance or preparation of which requires the application of special knowledge of the principles of mathematics, the related physical and applied sciences, and the requirements of the relevant law, as applied to:

(v)   utilizing measurement devices or systems, such as aerial photogrammetry, global positioning systems, land information systems, geographic information systems, or similar technology for evaluation or location of boundaries of real property, easements, or rights–of–way;" 

3D laser scanning, just like photogrammetry or GPS, is a tool, and it is not the tool or the equipment itself that defines whether or not the licensure is required, but the end result or purpose for which such equipment is used. The Board emphasizes that it does not license the technology; instead, it is the purpose for which the technology is used that defines the licensing requirements. Therefore, the use of laser scanning for land surveying purposes must be conducted in accordance with the regulations.

Board for Professional Engineers

Board Members Commissioned as Officers of Maryland Defense Force Engineering Corps
Two members of the Engineering Board have recently been commissioned as Officers in the Maryland Defense Force. Chair H. C. (Skip) Harclerode and Vice Chair Steven Arndt have been commissioned as Lieutenant Colonels in the Engineering Corps. Col. Arndt has been selected to serve as the Engineering Corps’ Deputy Commander, and Col. Harclerode will serve as part of the Corps’ Engineering Task Group.

Headquartered at the Pikesville Military Reservation in Baltimore, the Maryland Defense Force is a volunteer uniformed state military agency organized under the Maryland Military Department. Formally established by the Maryland legislature in 1917, the unit’s heritage and traditions trace back to the 17th century.

The Maryland Defense Force is one of a number of State Defense Forces authorized by the U.S. Congress under Title 32 and the respective state legislatures. While specific missions vary from state to state, State Defense Forces exist primarily to augment the capabilities of the National Guard. Employing volunteers who bring military experience and/or civilian professional skills, they supplement the capabilities of the National Guard, assist in National Guard mobilization for federal service, replace National Guard assets deployed out-of-state, and support state homeland security missions. State Defense Forces operate under the command of the Governor, as state Commander-in-Chief, and fall under the operational control of the state Adjutant General. State Defense Forces receive no federal funds and are supported entirely by the state.

Number of Engineering Exam Candidates Increasing
NCEES reports that the number of candidates attempting engineering exams has been on the rise recently. The Engineering P&P exam has shown the greatest increase this year: 26,193 candidates between October 2008 and April 2009, a jump of over 5% from previous years. The number of candidates for the FE exam did not show a similarly dramatic increase, but have been steadily rising as well, with over 49,000 attempting the exam in the past year. This increase is attributed to NCEES’ promotion of engineering licensure as a solid career move, especially among college students, as well as the economic downturn that has encouraged more people to pursue professional certification as they compete for jobs. For more info about the exam and the licensure process, visit the Board’s exam page and NCEES website.


New Engineers WelcomedL-R+  Bill Ryan, Skip Harclerode, James W. Shey, Steven Arndt & Rosalind L. Yee
On September 25, 2009, the Maryland Society of Professional Engineers (MDSPE) held its Fall Professional Engineer Recognition Event and Reception at the Miller State Senate Office Building in Annapolis. Col. Brian Kelm, P.E., the commander of the Maryland Defense Force’s Engineering Corps, offered the keynote address. The newly licensed engineers also took the oath of the Order of the Engineer, thereby pledging to serve the public and uphold their profession with skill and integrity. Members wear a stainless steel ring on the fifth finger of their working hands as a symbol of their commitment. Congratulations, new Professional Engineers!

Meet New Members

Jeff TuerJeff Tuer
The Design Boards recently welcomed our new investigator, Jeff Tuer. He’s already proving to be a valuable asset. Welcome, Jeff!

After a 13-year career in law enforcement with the City of Philadelphia, Jeff Tuer was medically retired in 2005 due to a serious line-of-duty injury. Until that point, he was a criminal investigator for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania assigned to the Philadelphia Warrant Unit. Prior to joining DLLR, Jeff was a contractual State employee and instructor for the Maryland Police & Correctional Training Commissions in Sykesville, Maryland.

Jeff attended undergraduate studies at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice. He also holds a Master of Criminal Justice from Boston University and a M.S. in Management from The Johns Hopkins University. He teaches criminal justice courses part-time as an adjunct professor at Cecil College. Jeff resides in Cecil County, Maryland with his wife and their five children.


Meet Karel Gregg
Please join us in welcoming Karel Gregg, our new Exam Coordinator. Karel’s background is in Karel Greggcareer coaching and advising, and her experience in educational environments lends itself well to her new position with the Design Boards. She comes to DLLR from St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, where she was a Career Development Education Specialist. She has also worked as a career advisor at the Center for Adult and Family Literacy at the Community College of Baltimore County, and in similar capacities at the Maryland Educational Opportunity Center and Morgan State University. Previously, Karel served as a Research Information Specialist and Force Protection Analyst with the U.S. Air Force. She holds a B.S. in Telecommunications from Morgan State. Welcome, Karel!


Daniel ParrDaniel Parr
It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Daniel Parr, Executive Director of the Professional Licensing Boards. Dan was 58, and passed on September 9 after a long fight against myelofibrosis. He joined DLLR in 2007 with a commitment to improving the interactions between the Design Boards and their constituents, and found a responsive community. Even though his time with DLLR was short, his immediate staff and Board members greatly enjoyed working with Dan. His sense of humor never failed to find its mark, and he tirelessly advocated for the needs of his staff. A geographer by profession, he specialized in geographic information systems, first with engineering firms and later as a consultant through his own firm, Daniel Parr Associates. When former Secretary Tom Perez was Montgomery County Councilman, Dan became his chief of staff. They enjoyed a strong partnership and shared commitment to civic activism. Dan was known as a champion of progressive causes in Montgomery County, from serving on the board of CASA (Maryland’s largest Hispanic advocacy group) to founding Citizens for a Better Blair, which successfully pushed for a new Montgomery Blair High School. Our thoughts are with Dan’s wife Ellen, their sons Adam and David, his sister and brothers, and all those who were touched by him.