DLLR's Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing


Disciplinary Services - Maryland Board for Professional Land Surveyors


DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS - (2000 to present)

06-LS-09 Stephen H. Jupitz consented to reimburse his client and take continuing education courses in the Minimum Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics for violating Section 15-317(a)(1)(v) and COMAR A and B, Minimum Standards of Practice.  (4/5/07)

04-LS-09 Wilbur Ford's Professional Land Surveyor license (#9008) was revoked as of 1/9/08 for gross negligence and misconduct for failure to meet the Minimum Standards of Practice COMAR  (1/9/08)

01-LS-09 – Chris Custis, property line surveyor license no. 599, consented to a REPRIMAND for violation of §15-308 (a)(1)(iv) and COMAR,, (ii) and (iii),,, and in connection with a location drawing that he prepared. (12/5/01)

99-LS-8 – Douglas C. Myers was fined $3000 for violation of §§15-601, 15-602 and 15-603 for practicing land surveying services without a license or a permit and for  misrepresentation.  (1/5/00)

99-LS-17 and 98-LS-23 – Ruben L. Sanchez, property line surveyor license no. 424, was reprimanded and fined $250 for violation of COMAR for misconduct in connection with expressing an opinion publicly on a land surveying subject without being informed as to the facts relating to it and without being competent to form a sound opinion on it. (11/1/00)

Update: 6-08