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Please read ALL requirements and instructions before proceeding with the application process.

Applications for renewal are mailed to licensed pilots approximately 60 days before expiration of the license.

Renew On-Line

It's really easy! All you need to do is go to the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation's website, click on Occupational & Professional and Financial Regulatory Electronic Licensing and follow the instructions. Our system was designed to make it possible for you to apply for or renew your license or permit quickly and easily - without complicated instructions.


  1. For best results, we recommend using the most recent version to access the electronic licensing programs. You can update your browser at no additional cost by visiting our browser information section.
  2. Please have the data card with your registration number, and your credit card ready. Create a password by identifying yourself with certain personal information. Then, with this password and your registration number, you will be able to apply for a license, renew, or update your registration record at your convenience.
  3. We do not accept American Express.
  4. When you receive your credit card statement, the charge will be shown as "MD Dept. of Licensing." If you refute the charge, be advised that this will place you in an unlicensed status until the issue is resolved.
  5. We are collecting e-mail addresses for Board use only in order to facilitate our communication with you.

Follow these steps to renew your license or permit:

  1. Go to DLLR's Electronic Licensing website
  2. Click on the appropriate type of license and then select the appropriate option to begin the process.
  3. Select your license type by clicking on the arrow for the pull-down box and highlight your license category.
  4. Enter your registration number (exactly as it appears on the data card) and your password.
  5. If you fail to complete any portion of the process, you will not be able to successfully submit your application. You will get an error message describing the missed or incorrect entry. Use your browser's "back" button to go back to the previous screen and fill in any missing or incorrect information.
  6. Before submitting your credit card information, be sure you review all information on the final screen to ensure that your name and address are correct. Remember that the address you enter is releasable to the public, by law. If you find any errors, use the "back" button to return to previous screens and make corrections.
  7. When confirmation is received that the transaction has been completed, PRINT the confirmation screen for your records. Use the "File" + "Close" options of your browser to prevent others from using the "Back" icon of the browser to view your credit card information and close the process.

Please do yourself a favor and don't wait until the last minute to renew on the Internet. If you encounter a problem that prevents you from renewing in a timely manner, you will be considered unlicensed until you renew. Contact the association office or the board IMMEDIATELY.