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Amusement Ride Brochure (PDF)

Hop On! Have Fun! Ride Safely - Amusement Ride Safety Revolves Around You!


The Maryland Amusement Ride Safety Inspection Unit is working hard to ensure the safe and enjoyable use of amusement rides. You can help by following these safety tips.

  • Look for the yellow and white, State of Maryland Certificate of Inspection.
  • Read and Follow all of the posted rules.
  • Observe age, height and weight restrictions.
  • Follow instructions of the ride operator.
  • Keep hands, arms and legs inside ride at all times.
  • Use all safety equipment such as, seat belt, shoulder harness, lap bar and or chain, when provided.
  • Stay in the ride until it comes to a complete stop.


Statistics indicate that accidents occur more frequently on rides operated by the rider. These rides include: go-karts, water slides, and bumper cars.

To minimize the possibility of accidents on rider operated rides, riders are urged to:

  • Read and Follow posted instructions.
  • Follow instructions of ride operator including, boarding and disembarking from the ride.
  • Refrain from behaving in any manner that may cause injury to oneself or other riders.


A rider of any amusement ride has a responsibility to:

  • Act in a responsible manner.
  • Obey posted instructions
  • Refrain from behaving in a manner that may cause injury to oneself or others while occupying an amusement ride.

No one should attempt to use an amusement ride while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.

Failure to act in a responsible manner may result in denied access to a ride or being ejected from the park or carnival.


To ensure the safety of a child, particularly a small child, several additional steps should be taken. Before placing a child on an amusement ride, parents, relying on knowledge of their child's capabilities, should assume an active role in determining weather a particular ride is appropriate for their child.

Remember to:

Watch the ride in operation and make sure your child can ride it safely.

Observe the ride operator for alertness and awareness of the ride's operation and patron reaction.

Explain to your child about appropriate behavior. The importance of keeping their hands and feet inside, staying seated, holding on, and obeying the ride operator's instructions.

Ask the ride operator to stop the ride if your child cries or shows signs of distress.


Since 1976, Maryland's Amusement Ride Safety Inspection Program has worked together with the Amusement Ride Safety Advisory Board, Maryland Association of Agricultural Fairs and Shows, the Maryland State Showmen's Association, and individual ride owners towards ensuring safe rides and attractions within the State. Rides and attractions at parks are inspected, at a minimum, annually. Rides and attractions at carnivals and fairs are inspected at each location.

Inspections include mechanical rides, amusement attractions, ski lifts, go-kart operations and water slides.

Even with a stringent inspection program, Maryland is not without accidents. Although our accident rate is low, accidents do happen.

This pamphlet is a part of our continuing effort to make our good record even better. These tips are provided to remind each rider to ride safely.


In addition to following the safety tips, if you see an amusement ride that does not appear to be safe:

  • Notify a park, fair or carnival representative, and
  • Call the Amusement Ride Safety Inspection Unit at 410-767-2990.

For additional information, contact:
Division of Labor and Industry
Amusement Ride Safety Inspection

1100 N. Eutaw Street - Room 605
Baltimore, MD 21201
Fax: 410-333-7683
e-mail: DLDLISafetyDirect-DLLR@maryland.gov

Report Amusement Ride related accidents, injuries, unsafe conditions, questions or concerns 24/7 to DLDLISafetyDirect-DLLR@maryland.gov.
Emergency telephone number: 410-767-2990