Division of Labor and Industry

Prevailing Wage for State-Funded Construction Projects

The Prevailing Wage law regulates the hours of labor, rates of pay, conditions of employment, obligations of employers and duties of certain public officials under contracts and subcontracts for public works in Maryland. The Prevailing Wage law applies to a construction project valued at $500,000 or more if either of the following criteria are met: (1) the contracting public body is a unit of State government or an instrumentality of the State, and there is any State funding for the project; or (2) the contracting public body is a political subdivision, agency, person or entity (such as a county) and the State funds 50% or more of the project except for school construction where the contract value is $500,000 or greater with state funding of 25% or more. Contact us with questions or concerns.

Wage Determinations:
A wage determination issued for a project specifies the wage and fringe benefit rates for each classification of worker, determined to prevailing in that locality for that type of construction. Wage Determinations are issued for each locality in the State (23 counties and Baltimore City) and are in effect for one year from the date on which they become final. The law requires employees on a public works contract to be paid overtime for hours in excess of 10 hours in a single day, and for work performed on a Sunday or a legal holiday.

Under Payments:
Contractors found to be paying wages below the prevailing wage rate may be fined $20 per day for each worker paid less than the established rate. Note: The maximum allowable ratio is one journeyman to one apprentice. All apprentices must be registered with the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program without exception

Certified Payroll Statements:
Contractors on State funded construction projects covered by the Prevailing Wage Law are required to electronically submit certified payroll statements indicating proper worker classification and wage for both straight time and overtime work. Certified payrolls must be electronically submitted to the Commissioner of Labor and Industry within 14 days after the end of the payroll period. Penalties for late submission of payrolls total $10 for each calendar day the records are late.

Yearly Survey:
The Prevailing Wage Unit is compiling a list of registered contractors, contractor's associations and labor organizations who will be notified electronically when to voluntarily participate in the annual Prevailing Wage Rate Survey. The Commissioner encourages all interested groups to voluntarily electronically submit data detailing wage rates paid to workers on various types of construction in all localities in Maryland. If you would like to be added to the list, please register online.









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