Division of Labor and Industry


MOSH Instruction 98-2 - Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH)

TO: Authorized Operators of Emergency Vehicles
FROM: Keith L. Goddard, Assistant Commissioner
SUBJECT: Operation of Emergency Vehicles
DATE: September 15, 1998

Purpose:  Selected personnel shall be assigned state-owned vehicles outfitted with emergency equipment (lights and sirens).  This is done for the benefit of MOSH, to allow expedient and safe travel to emergency situations.  This Instruction will outline the allowable method of response and the minimum requirements for becoming an authorized driver of emergency response vehicles.

Reference:   Transportation Article 11-118  "Emergency Vehicle"; COMAR 19-103 "Liability for Negligent Response of Emergency Vehicles"; COMAR 21-106 "Emergency Vehicles"; COMAR 22-218 "Audible and Visual Signals on Vehicles"


1.  Operators of Emergency Vehicles shall complete a minimum of eight hours of driver safety training.  Exceptions may be made only by authorization of the Assistant Commissioner.

2. Operators of emergency vehicles shall show due regard for the safety of others.  Operators shall not be relieved of the duty to exercise such reasonable care and diligence as the circumstances of the situation may impose.

3. Emergency equipment may only be used in designated vehicles.  Lights may not be removed for use in personal cars or other state vehicles at any time.

4. At no time may the operator of an emergency response vehicle disregard traffic laws.  Operators shall obey the posted speed limits, all traffic signals and devices, and road lane markings.

5. Operators are authorized to utilize their vehicular emergency equipment, visual and audible signals, only in certain limited circumstances:

a. Response to imminent danger situations

b. Response to a request from a law enforcement/emergency rescue unit asking for immediate action

c. Any other situation in which there is a reasonable belief that to not do so would place persons at risk from existing hazards.

6. Authorized operators of emergency vehicles must also abide by all requirements under DLLR’s policy on the use of state-owned vehicles.

(signed) Keith L. Goddard, Assistant Commissioner

cc: Commissioner John P. O’Connor
     Deputy Commissioner O’Brien
     Assistant Attorney General Krasnoff
     Office of Administrative Hearings

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