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Find an Apprenticeship - Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program


To find apprenticeship programs in your area or in a particular occupation please contact the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program at matp@dllr.state.md.us or 410-767-2246. Please note: apprenticeships are industry driven and a program may not be accepting applications at the time of your search.

Maryland Apprenticeship and Training does not place individuals into apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeships are jobs and therefore must be applied to through the individual apprenticeship program sponsors. In addition, the related classroom instruction may determine the application dates for some apprenticeship programs. This means that some apprenticeship programs will only accept applications at specific times of the year. Contact a program directly to learn how to apply and what the timeframe for applying and receiving a response is. In some cases, it may be months from the date of application to the date of interview. You can view the links to apprenticeship program sponsor websites to help you start your search.

Please Note: An apprenticeship program sponsor may not be hiring at the time of your search. You must contact the apprenticeship program sponsors directly to find out what the application requirements for an apprenticeship program sponsor may be.