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A Change in Filing Your Unemployment Insurance Continued Claims and Receiving Your Benefit Payments - Unemployment Insurance Claimants


Please read before Applying for Unemployment Insurance Benefits

On September 26, 2013, the Maryland Division of Unemployment Insurance will begin phasing in a change from biweekly continued claim filing (Telecert or Webcert) to weekly continued claim filing. Each weekly claim certification will cover a one week period. Weekly claim certifications will continue to be filed through the Telecert or Webcert system.


  • The first biweekly claim you file on or after September 26, 2013, will place you into a weekly claim certification cycle. Once this happens, you will begin filing on a weekly basis. The Telecert or Webcert system will provide the next available single week for you to file. You will continue to file one week at a time for as long as you are requesting unemployment insurance benefits.

For example, if a biweekly continued claim is filed for the weeks of September 14 and September 21 on or after September 26, the next certification will be a weekly claim certification for the week ending September 28. The Telecert/Webcert system will provide only this week and will allow you to file it between 12:01AM on September 29 (Sunday) and 5:00PM on October 4 (Friday).

  • You cannot file for a week of benefits until the week ends. All weeks end at midnight on Saturday. Sunday is the first day you can file for the week that has just ended.
  • You can file a weekly claim certification for the prior week any time beginning at 12:01 am Sunday through 5:00pm Friday (EST). If you do not file your weekly claim on time, you may be denied benefits.


As a result of this change to weekly claim certification filing, you will also receive your unemployment insurance payments on a weekly basis, if otherwise eligible.

Payment is normally available on your debit card between 1:00pm (EST) and 5:00pm (EST) the next business day after the payment is issued. You can access this information on both the Telecert and Webcert applications. You should contact an Unemployment Claim Center or the Claimant Information service ONLY if your payment has not been issued.

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