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Debit Card Information - Changes in How You Receive Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits - Prepaid Card - Unemployment Insurance Claimants


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A facsimile of the Unemployment Insurance debit card

A facsimile of the Unemployment Insurance debit card

A facsimile of the white Unemployment Insurance debit card envelope

A facsimile of the white Unemployment Insurance debit card envelope


The State of Maryland issues unemployment insurance payments with the Maryland Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits Prepaid Debit Card. This Visa® debit card is issued through Bank of America. This method of payment is mandatory.

If your Ul payments are not approved, you will not receive a debit card . Some reasons that could prevent you from being approved for payment are: you do not have sufficient wages to be eligible; you have been denied Ul benefits; or you have not filed a timely continued claim (request for payment).

If your Ul payments are approved, you will receive a notice entitled “Notice of First Benefit Payment Approval and Mailing of Your Bank of America Benefits Debit Card.” You will then receive your debit card within 7-10 days. The card will arrive in a WHITE envelope with the State of Maryland flag and a Tennessee return address in the upper left-hand corner. Once you receive your card, you may access your first payment. If you continue to meet all of the eligibility requirements of the Maryland Ul Law and file timely continued claims (request for payment), you will have a safe and convenient way to receive and access your Maryland Ul benefits. Your Bank of America Debit card is valid for three years.


Some of the main advantages to receiving your payments using a debit card include:

  • Convenient — Withdraw cash at Bank of America ATMs 24 hours a day fee free and make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Out of network ATM’s other than Bank of America allow 6 free withdraws per month
  • Saves money and time — Setup direct transfer of UI payments fee free allowing easy and quick access to your personal checking or savings accounts
  • Tracks spending — Free account information and customer service 24 hours a day
  • Reliable — Receive your payments timely

In addition, you will have the option of having your Ul benefits transferred into your personal bank account, similar to direct deposit. Bank of America will include instructions for choosing this option when you receive the Ul debit card package.

Report any address change immediately to the Division of Unemployment Insurance ONLY.

When you receive the card , for security purposes, be sure to immediately sign your name on the back of the card in ink. You cannot use the card until it has been activated. To activate your card and create a PIN, you must call Bank of America at 1-855-847-2029; TTY 866-656-5913.  PLEASE ensure you dial CAREFULLY! Choose a PIN that only you would know . Never share your PIN or your card with anyone. You will be held legally responsible for all activity connected to the card.

Important: DO NOT THROW AWAY OR DESTROY your debit card if you stop filing for UI benefits as it is valid for a three (3) year period.