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Miscellaneous - Use of Magnetic Media for Wage Reporting and Contributions Returns - Unemployment Insurance Contributions


       Glossary of Key Terms
       Magnetic Media Transmittal Form (Exhibit E)


Glossary of Terms

Employer - An employing unit determined to be liable for unemployment insurance taxes in Maryland.

Employer Account Number - The 10 digit number assigned by Maryland to a liable employer’s Unemployment Insurance tax account. Quarterly wage data is reported under this account number (first 2 digits are zeroes, and the last [10th] position is a modulus 11 check digit.

State Format - The record layout created by Maryland for quarterly tax and wage reporting by CD and diskette exclusively for Maryland.

Federal Format - A record layout provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for state wage reporting; detailed information provided in that Agency’s publication TIB-4.

DLLR/DUI 15-16, Employer Contribution and Employment Report - A two part form which contains summary tax and wage detail information. These forms MUST be submitted quarterly for each employer account number.

Hard Copy - Quarterly wage detailed on paper (e.g. computer printout) that is submitted only when the magnetic media cannot be corrected in a timely manner.

ICESA Format - The uniform record layout created by the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies (ICESA) to standardize and simplify wage reporting, especially for multi-state employers.

Magnetic Media - Diskettes * and CD-ROM's (must be readable by IBM compatible PC's running Windows operating system 1995 or later) 

Yr./Qtr. - The year and calendar quarter for which data are being submitted e.g., 992 represents the period April 1, 1999, through June 30, 1999.

Exhibit E

Download the Magnetic Media Transmittal form, 18KB, download Word viewer for free

* It is anticipated that DLLR will discontinue accepting diskettes in the next two years, around January 2013.